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Accused of a Washington State Hit and Run Crime?

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  • Geoffrey Burg handled my case with compassion, insight and great attentiveness. His relaxed demeanor and incomparable knowledge of the system immediately put me at ease, and made a scary time infinitely less traumatic. Geoffrey was recommended to me by several experienced attorneys, and I am so g…

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  • I had the fortunate experience to meet with Geoffrey Burg in his office earlier this year to discuss an upcoming case issue I was involved with. There are so many strong legal minds in the Seattle area that sometimes choosing the correct advocate seems like a daunting task. Geoffrey met and exc…

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  • I was incredibly nervous about my case until I finally met with Geoff. His professionalism and his plan of action was really impressive and it allowed me to relax a little. In the courtroom, his demeanor, I felt, was much more controlled than the other attorneys present. While the others scramble…

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  • After being recently arrested I was worried and needed some answers to questions as quickly as possible. While I had access to free law help through my work I found the Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg to be much more helpful as well as much faster then the lawyers my Company provided. I decided t…

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