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Burg & Lantz: WA Hit & Run Defense
Burg & Lantz: WA Hit & Run Defense

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We have helped many people who are in a similar situation to you fight their charges.
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Hit and Run Defense - Exceptional Legal Representation

Facing a hit and run offense is one of the most  stressful and difficult events you may have to deal with in your life.  Since 1994 we have been providing legal representation for hit and run crimes.

Focused on Washington Hit and Run Defense

We offer experienced criminal defense attorneys, paralegals, and staff who will take the time discuss hit and run defense to you.  We will explain your rights and options so you can make the best choices for you. Whether your case is resolved through negotiations or at trial, we do our best to create as many options as possible, fully explain those options to you, and help you to make the best decision that you can. We will support you through these difficult decisions and represent you zealously.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our criminal defense attorneys and staff are highly respected for our understanding of the breadth and nuances of hit and run law.  We've helped individuals from all walks of life and all economic brackets. Whether our client may be a small business owner, professional, executive or someone struggling to make ends meet – we believe they all deserve the highest quality representation we can provide.

Our Promise in Service

We do our best to return phone calls and emails the day we receive them and no later than the next day. We promise to listen to what you say and do our best to provide you candid legal advice. We will try and guide you through this process and help you obtain the best possible outcome that is available. From the testimonials we have received from past clients, we believe we are succeeding in providing exceptional service to our clients.


Accused of a Washington State Hit and Run Crime?

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We will not try to "hard sell" you.

Finally, we will not try to “hard sell” you to hire us. We know choosing an attorney is a big decision and one you must make carefully – not under pressure. Because an effective attorney-client relationship requires a lot of communication and trust, we really only want to represent people who feel comfortable with us and have complete confidence in our abilities. If you don't, then you have the right to an attorney that you do feel would be a better fit.

Thank you for taking the time to look through this website. Please contact us if you would like to meet and further discuss how we may assist you.

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