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Burg & Lantz: WA Hit & Run Defense
Burg & Lantz: WA Hit & Run Defense

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While most hit and runs are not alcohol or drug related, some are. 

If that is the case, then an alcohol or drug evaluation may be necessary.


We will help you:

  • Determine if an evaluation is necessary;
  • Suggest who to see;
  • Use the evaluation to help your case.

Alcohol or Drug Related Evaluations:

We work with a variety of Washington State certified alcohol and drug treatment agencies to help guide you through the process if the court finds that alcohol has been a factor in your hit and run case.  

There are a wide variety of alcohol and drug treatment agencies. 

Most importantly, the one you goes to must be state certified, if it s not, the court will not accept it. 

Then it becomes important to go to a well regarded treatment agency with a good reputation. 

We will point you in the correct direction for this as we work with several very good alcohol and drug treatment agencies.


Accused of a Washington State Hit and Run Crime?

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